obama philly rally
Barack Obama supporter displays sign as the Senator concludes his presidential campaign rally
in Philadelphia at Independance National Park. ©ROGER BARONE 2008/photosfromphilly

obama fally
Senator Barack Obama appears at Independence National Park in Philadelphia on Friday
night before tens of thousands of supporters. ©ROGER BARONE 2008/photosfromphilly

obama train
Senator Obama toots the whistle on Amtrak train after addressing supporters at Wynnwood
Station along the Malvern suburban line.. PHOTO:©ROGER BARONE/photosfromphilly

obama train
Senator Obama greets supporters in Wynnwood, Pa.
PHOTO:©ROGER BARONE/photosfromphilly

obama smile rally
Senator Obama poses for pictures while exiting campaign rally in Wynnwood, Pa.
PHOTO:©ROGER BARONE/photosfromphilly

independence hall inauguration day
Security officer watches over Independence Hall on January 20, 2009, as Barack Obama
is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States:
photo:roger barone/photosfromphilly